Why get a Sport Fish Yacht Mid-Season Hull Inspection?

  • July 31, 2023
  • John Cardona
  • 2 min read

-Did the previous owner use or abuse the boat in heavy seas?

-Did your purchase surveyor Thermal image the hull and decks?

-Do you like to run in heavy seas?

Hull Slamming 2

Yes, most sportfishing yachts are designed for heavy use, however, abuse and angry seas can break a frame, or detach a frame,  from a stringer or supporting structure and even pop the hull core loose.

Wave Slamming Loads on a yacht can exceed the design specifications.

In the repair and inspection business we are seeing more and more hull delamination and Core Bonding issues that could have been prevented or much less expensive to repair, if they were caught earlier. Don’t let a small crack or frame separation turn into a Delamination and Core separation.



Sport Fish Mid-Season Hull Inspections

Sport Fishing Boats take unusual stress loads and are frequently used in heavy seas. In our fiberglass repair business we see Slamming Wave Loads that greatly affect the structural integrity of the hull as the boats get older and the hulls have more hours on them. This is why it is very important to get an Mid-Season HULL INSPECTION to stop any hull cracking before it becomes a more dangerous and Expensive problem.

Viking Hull Delam 2

IN SEASON Inspections include:

-Thermal imaging of Hull sides, Hull Bottom, Decks, Transom

-Advanced Moisture Meter testing, above water line of Hull Sides, Decks, Transom

-Advanced Percussion Soundings, below water line of Hull Sides, Hull Bottom, Transom

-SONIC Testing of Hull Sides- Patent Pending, Hull Bottom, Transom

-Color Light, Hull Waviness testing

-Hull Interior fiberglass frame tabbing inspection where accessible.

-Hull Tabbing Release measurement, (Boeing Aircraft Wedge Test)


We look for small hull, deck issues before they become Large Repairs!!

We are seeing more and more Delamination’s and Core Bonding Issues on our repair side of the business. (Even the newer year and model yachts are subject to cracking) We all know that these SportFish yachts take a pounding and a small crack or frame separation can domino into a Huge Repair. We have advanced Thermal Imaging, Sonic Testing, Acoustic Resonance Testing and Moisture Testing equipment specifically  designed for Hull inspections. Call today to discuss your, Make, Model and Year Sportfishing Yacht. (631) 742-8921 we travel nationwide for inspections.  www.amcompositerepair.co