How to Choose a Marine Surveyor

A marine surveyor is an individual that conducts surveys and inspections of a boat. These are often required by banks and/or insurance companies as a condition for receipt of financing; they can also be used to appraise the boat or to access damage sustained by the vessel. There are many marine surveyors on Long Island and it is extremely important to do research to determine which surveyor is best.

The most important factor when hiring a marine surveyor is to find someone with extensive experience in boats – an individual that understands how boats are built, what repairs are common, the issues with stress loads and corrosion and, most importantly, what aspects of the vessel typically break over time, depending on the make, model and year. Typically, the best marine surveyors on Long Island are Master marine surveyors.

Here are some important tips to keep in mind when choosing the best marine surveyor:

Experience. It is crucial to choose a marine surveyor that works on boats every day and knows exactly what to look for. Experience in the marine industry prior to becoming a surveyor is often an indication that the individual has vast knowledge and experience in the field. When consulting with the surveyor, make sure the surveyor has a vast understanding of the specific Make, Model and Year of the boat in question.

Services. Before choosing a marine surveyor, it is important to know what the quoted price is going to cover. The services will depend upon the vessel and the maritime needs of its owner, but is generally best practice to choose a marine surveyor that provides excellence in numerous areas including: pre-purchase surveys, insurance surveys, marine vessel appraisals, structural damage reports and sea trials. Also, make sure a fuel tank review is included in the price, as aluminum fuel tanks begin to corrode and may even leak fuel after only a few years of use.

Price. Experience, not price, should be the determining factor of which Long Island marine surveyor to choose. The price will depend on the size of the vessel and the services required and is a small portion of the purchase price of the vessel. However, it is important to ensure that you are being quoted a fair price. Make sure you get a marine surveyor who works on boats every day, and is not just a surveyor. (its like having a mechanic look over a car before you buy it, Most Surveyors only do surveys, they Don’t WORK on boats every day, so be careful)

There are several popular marine surveyor associations in the industry. It is important to remember that affiliation with one or more associations does not dictate the capabilities of the marine surveyor, nor is affiliation with an association required by insurance agencies or financial institutions. When doing research, read past the affiliations to truly get a grasp on the experience and the expertise of the surveyor.

Choosing the wrong surveyor can be a very costly mistake; a seasoned marine surveyor on Long Island is imperative to prevent foreseeable losses, expensive repairs, loss of enjoyment of the boat or injury to those on the boat. Cardona Marine Surveys offer pre-purchase marine surveys on Long Island that will help determine if the boat your viewing is a good craft.(we work on boats every day, so we know what to look for!!!!)

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