2023 Spring CommissioningTIPS

  • April 28, 2023
  • John Cardona
  • 3 min read

2023 Spring Commissioning —-TIPS

Before you have your boat Launched, Check the Boat YOURSELF, A 15-25min walk around can help you save your season!!!
This year you can Expect MARINA DELAYS in getting items repaired before spring launch due to a shortage of qualified marine workers.

This is one of our Checklists for “Spring Commissioning Boat Check”
This should help you start a list of items to address well before the Spring Time Rush!!!

-Check cutlass for wear.
-Check propellers for dings, chips, bent blades.
-Check prop nuts for tightness and play.
-Check struts for straightness and corrosion and check mounting.
-Check shafts and seals for wear, corrosion, dings.
-Check rudders for play, impact strikes.
-Check lower units on outboards for leaks, dings, chips, corrosion and check mounting bolts.
-Check outdrive houses for wear and leaks.
-Check bellows for condition.
-Check hydraulic cylinders for leaks, corrosion.
-Add all zincs to list for replacement (They usually are worn and need replacement every year)
-Check thru-hulls for corrosion, and clogging.
-Check bow thruster tunnel for cracks, check blades, zincs.
-Check bow eye for tightness, cracks in fiberglass around mounting area.
-Check stern eyes for tightness and cracks.
-Check bottom paint for thickness and missing sections.
-Check under bow pulpit for cracks, chips.
-Check rub rail for dings, missing screws, missing sections, distortion.
-Check hull sides dings, gelcoat chips, cracks, distortion of hull sides.
-Check trim tabs for leaks, rusty fasteners, corrosion.
-Check swim ladder and fasteners for rust and corrosion.
-Check drain plug and plug housing for corrosion and adhesion.
-Check underwater lights for leaks, rusty fasteners and water inside light housing.
-Check swim platform for chips, cracks, check under platform for water drips, excessive moisture. If hydraulic platform, check houses for wear and cylinders form leaks.

(All interior and Engine, Electrical and Systems are checked with another Checklist)

-***Check the transom and hull bottom very carefully for cracks or chips, if swim platform has supports, check very closely. (many transom replacements could have been avoided with some small gelcoat or fiberglass work if it was caught early) Call a local Mobile Fiberglass Repair professional and have them check it. It’s worth the time to save your transom and season)

The tips listed above are just a starting point and is a 15-25 min walk around your hull that can help save your season. If you wait, like most people do, you will probably not get work completed until late in the season. (that’s how short handed most marinas are in the area)

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